Challenge #5: Feeling Dotty

Hi Lamb!

Sorry this one is a little late! I spent a lot of my day napping (caused by slight hangover) and then headed out to the movies in this little dotted number!

While I didn’t buy this shirt for the challenge, it is a new acquisition. And I love it. I love it so much. I wore it to work on Friday teamed with a belted in pencil skirt, and tonight I chose to go casual and wear it out with some jeans to the movies.

(Side note: Benedict Cumberbatch would have zero problem talking me out of this outfit)

Also tried tying the shirt which is something I see Lamb doing a lot. I think I like it.

Shirt: Asos Curve
Jeans: City Chic
Singlet: Kmart
Bag: Strandbags

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